Cinco De Mayo: put a hat on it

Given the fact that we each have such close personal ties to the Mexican Battle of Puebla circa 1862, we decided to commemorate the special day on our – typically majestic – patio. You know, nothing crazy, just a couple of bottles of Cachaca, a few Thuggies, and a healthy dose of denial (of the weather variety) to kick off the celebrations.

Although we had a lot of fun, the photo evidence wasn't looking particularly "festive"... so we decided to take some creative liberty and spice 'em up. And what better way to do that? Put a hat on it!

...much better.



A true wearer of many hats, Pat takes a conceptual approach to the art of Sombrero-ing.


A moment captured: intense sombrosations.


Our view was looking a little drab...until we spiced it up too.


So many hats, so little time.


Ok, folks. Let's do the math.
Cuter baby = cute baby + little hat



And while the rest of us are one-hit-Thugbreros, Digby wouldn't be caught dead wearing the same hat twice.