Twitter 101


We've already educated you on "How to annoy 457 of your Closest Friends" on Facebook, and we think it's high time to educate the masses on Twitter etiquette. Now, if you are a Twitter newbie, you may find this blog post more than helpful, but if you're highly accomplished on Twitter... Please read the post anyway to insure you aren't making any major Tweet faux pas.

It has been said "Facebook is full of people you went to high school with and Twitter is who you WISH you went to high school with". Your Twitter followers are people you may not know but are interested in what you have to say. This is usually based on your Twitter biography or the content in your well thought out tweets. However, also unlike Facebook, these people will NOT hesitate to delete you from their lives. You know everyone on Facebook, and choosing to delete a friend can create an awkward social situation (You just try and explain to your cousin Michael at Christmas dinner why you deleted him on Facebook due to his constant status updates about how he loves his girlfriend, but I digress).

The Twitter unfollow button is highly visible and clickable, and if you update too many times with "Oh my gaaaawwwd, I can't wait for the weekend", you will find yourself hundreds of followers short.

Now, I want you to be a successful Twitterer, and I want you to be able to use Twitter as the fantastic relationship management tool that it is (Yes we're very thoughtful and helpful around here) ... But in order to be a BRANDFX Certified Twitter Rockstar, you need to follow the following pieces of advice:

1) Follow relevant users

If your sole strategy of Twitter is to get as many followers as possible, then you're misusing twitter and you need to keep reading this blog. Follow those who have the same interests as you. You don't have to know them, you just need to read their Twitter feed and see if what their tweeting has any relevance to you. It will make your Twitter experience much more useful, and less of a time waster... which leads me to my next point;

2) Have a Plan

Why are you using Twitter? Do you want to know what your consumer's are saying about you? Are you tweeting to gain credibility within your peers? Are you trying to build an online persona? These questions are important ones to ask yourself, because it will affect who you follow, how often you tweet and the content of your tweets.

3) Give Credit Where Credit is Due

If someone you follow tweets something that your target market will find interesting, by all means... Tweet about it! However spread the love and either retweet, or mention the original tweeter when you share the link with your followers. Not only will you gain respect within your Twitter community, this act of kindness will lead to retweets and mentions down the road for you!

4) Engage!

The beauty of Twitter is the ability to communicate quickly with your Twitter community. Don't solely promote. Engage in those tweeting about you, or engaging with other users about topics in which you are knowledgeable. You'll find Twitter to be as much as a networking tool as it is a soundboard.

5) Chill out

Twitter isn't serious. And it isn't that hard to maneuver. Social Media is about having fun. So go out there and tweet. Just please be coherent. If Justin Bieber can manage to put together 140 characters and have it be intelligible... So can you!