Creating a Winter Wonderland in a Heat Wave

Have you ever wished for snow in the midst of an August heatwave? Well, so did we! Only we really needed snow, so we trucked enough in to create a pseudo winter wonderland for our latest Kal Tire shoot for their Fall/Winter Sale Campaign. With the magic of machines and some pretty brilliant crew, we were was able to capture the essence of winter. Kudos must go out to the Kal Tire employees for their brilliant acting capabilities when asked to pretend they were super cold while wearing fleece and woolies in the almost 40 degree heat!

And the winner is...

If you’ve walked through our offices, you may have noticed an empty super size bottle of Sake with Dumbo ears glued to it sitting on someone’s desk. Afraid to ask? It’s the prestigious BRANDFX Dumbo award which is awarded periodically to the BFXer who does something really dumb to deserve it. A very long story but after a much enjoyed staff weekend trip to Whistler, we returned with the the empty Dumbo. The ever crafty Kate glued two huge ears on it an, voila, ‘The Dumbo award’.

Reddy for a Cure